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Image by Camille Couvez

Green-winged Macaw

There are many worthwhile resources for parrot owners and those interested in parrots. Among those resources are a number of publications and organizations that the Pat Palmer Foundation has found particularly helpful:

Psittaculture – A Manual for the Care

and Breeding of Parrots

The Pat Palmer Foundation highly recommends an acclaimed book by internationally-known expert on parrot care, Tony Silva, entitled Psittaculture, A Manual for the Care and Breeding of Parrots. This extraordinary and comprehensive work is an invaluable resource for all lovers of parrots, as it is one of the most complete and extensive books ever published on the keeping and breeding of parrots. With a career spanning over four decades, Mr. Silva has had hundreds of articles published in 15 languages, has lectured on all continents, and is the author of seven books.

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Image by Gilles Rolland-Monnet

Medium Sulphur-crested Cockatoo


World Parrot Trust

PsittaScene is a quarterly magazine published by the World Parrot Trust for members of the WPT. This magazine is available either by printed copy delivered to subscribers, or via an electronic version available online. The issues have regular updates on work being done by the WPT, as well as reports from the field. The magazine also includes articles relating to bird behavior in captivity, helping parrot owners better understand their complex companions. This publication often includes never-seen-before images, field updates about wild parrots, interviews with biologists, veterinarians and world class avian care specialists, as well as travel and important parrot news from around the world.

The World Parrot Trust is a U.S. and U.K.-registered charity founded in 1989, with regional branches around the world. The organization seeks to help endangered wild parrots with conservation and other efforts to halt their international trade, and return captured parrots to their natural habitats.

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World Parrot Trust

Image by Benny Kirubakaran

Hyacinth Macaw

Parrots Magazine

Parrots Magazine is published by Imax Visual Ltd, and features articles from parrot experts around the world. The magazine brings up-to-date news and information to parrot enthusiasts. The magazine focuses on all aspects of parrot care, ranging from food and shelter issues to medical considerations and the importance of socialization and psychological health. The publication is available by traditional mail, or via purchase in digital format featuring current and archival issues.

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Image by Vinícius Henrique Photography

Blue and Gold Macaw

American Sanctuary Association

Since 1998, the American Sanctuary Association (“ASA”) has served as an accrediting organization that requires member animal sanctuaries to comply with a variety of high-quality animal care standards and housing requirements. ASA member sanctuaries are not allowed to breed, sell or trade animals, or use them for commercial purposes. In addition, ASA works to find sanctuary placement for parrots and a wide range of exotic animals, as well as homeless, abandoned, seized and abused exotic animals, non-releasable native wild animals, farmed animals and companion animals. One of the ASA’s primary initiatives is to save animals from death or further abuse by identifying and certifying quality animal sanctuaries worthy of support.

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Image by Christopher Alvarenga

Scarlet Macaw

Seattle Parrot Expo

A free annual event since 2013, the Seattle Parrot Expo is the largest event centered on parrots in the Pacific Northwest, and is the primary fundraiser event for the Flight Club Foundation. It features free flying parrots, an indoor petting zoo, an aviary, parrot games, featured speakers, a parrot photo booth, raffles and prizes, and other fun exhibitions.

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Image by rigel

Eclectus Parrot (male)

American Federation of Aviculture/

The AFA Watchbird

Established in 1974, the American Federation of Aviculture is dedicated to promoting the advancement of Aviculture through educational programs that support the advancement and improvement of breeding practices, husbandry practices, and living conditions for exotic birds, conservation, research and legislative awareness. The goal of the AFA is to ensure long-term, self-sustaining populations of exotic birds both in captivity and in the wild. Published quarterly, the AFA Watchbird is the official publication of the American Federation of Aviculture.

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The AFA Watchbird

Image by Manish Kumar

Blue and Gold Macaw pair

National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation

National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of parrots into loving homes. The NPRPF seeks to educate current and prospective parrot owners and parrot organizations on issues pertaining to parrots, and hosts an annual Parrot Festival where it provides information to the general public, and helps the NPRPF to support other avian organizations worldwide.

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