With offices located in The Plains, Virginia and Washington, D.C., the American Bird Conservancy is dedicated to halting extinctions, protecting habitats, eliminating threats, and building capacity for bird conservation throughout the Americas. This organization has done outstanding work protecting critically endangered birds such as the Blue-throated Macaw. The Conservancy is working to support a 27,100 acre protected area known as the Barba Azul reserve in Bolivia. One of the problems in Bolivia is that many of the natural parrot habitats have been taken over by local cattle farmers. The American Bird Conservancy has been actively working to limit the impact of the cattle farmers. Furthermore, though the organization had placed nest boxes at Barba Azul beginning in 2009 with little success, it has now expanded the use of new and much taller "penthouse nest boxes" at various locations throughout Bolivia in the hope that it will foster greater breeding of the Blue-throated Macaws.

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