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Pat Palmer Bernard was an internationally-known real estate broker and investor who specialized in high-end real estate, including townhouses in New York City and homes in the Hamptons. She included among her clients some of the wealthiest and most prestigious buyers and sellers of real estate. In addition to being an astute businesswoman, Ms. Palmer had a lifelong love of poetry and opera. She belonged to a poetry society, and could often be heard singing opera herself on the 6th floor of the townhouse she owned on East 63rd Street off of New York’s fashionable Fifth Avenue. During her lifetime, she supported a wide variety of charitable endeavors. She loved parrots and owned a Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot which was affectionately named Pat. After her passing in 2003, her good friend and executor of her estate, Mark Finkelstein, worked to fulfill her wish to have a charity created that would work to protect and preserve parrots who had outlived their owners, or whose owners could no longer care for them. To honor her legacy and love for parrots, Mr. Finkelstein established the Pat Palmer Foundation.

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